Hellog Oxygen and Acetylene cylinder trolley

our Hellog oxygen and acetylene cylinder trolley is made of strong and high quality steel that can withstand heavy load and corrosion.
SKU: RD2007
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Product description and uses:

For transport and storage of gas cylinders. Frame segregates cylinders to prevent damage. Suitable for Ø240/290mm cylinders. Cylinders secured by galvanised chain. Pierced base helps disperse condensation. Rear wheels are made from Vulcanised Rubber which offers low rolling resistance,meaning they are easy to manoeuvre, are non marking and are a soft yet highly durable compound.

Technical specification

Suitable forOxygen & Acetylene
No of Cylinders2
Max. Cylinder Diameter290 mm
Max Load200 kg
Wheel Size300 mm
Rear WheelsNo