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Argon Gas Compressed for shielding/welding 50 litters cylinder (empty returnable)

Argon Gas compressed for shielding/Tig welding 50 liters cylinder Features - Colourless, tasteless and odourless - Inert to all materials at all temperatures and pressures. - Heavier than air, argon will collect in low-lying areas, ducts and drains. - An asphyxiant. - Lower thermal conductivity than most other gases.
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Argon Welding Tig Torch- Model name Weldcraft A150 WP 17

Weldcraft A-150 TIG Torch Package - 150 Amp Air-Cooled WP-17 The Weldcraft A-150, WP-17 TIG torch is a 150 amp, air-cooled torch that provides a comfortable grip and better torch control in all positions. The ergonomic torch design ensures proper relationship between the TIG torch and weld joint, with maximum comfort and maneuverability. The A-150 is an excellent general purpose, air cooled TIG welding torch.
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Askaynak ELectrical welding machine Inverter 155 Super

Our Askaynak Electrical welding machine inverter 185 is a heavy duty electrical welding machine. Features of Askaynak electrical welding machine inverter 155 super. You will be able to achieve seamless welding seams thanks to uninterrupted welding with 2,5 – 3,25 mm(max) diameter rutile and especially basic electrodes on unalloyed, low alloyed and stainless steel materials. Inverter 155-Super doesn’t contaminate the mains since it doesn’t produce noise emission and in terms of electromagnetic it doesn’t interfere with other machines and measurement devices located in the environment. In addition; since it isn’t get affected by mains hums or electromagnetic fields of other equipment operating nearby, no performance loss occurs during the welding process. 16x25 mm long-lasting and high-strength CE certificated welding sockets are used in Askaynak Inverter 155-Super. Now cutting under harsh conditions will not be a problem for you and for your machine. 220V-1Ph input voltage and maximum output current of 140 A provide a continuous welding with electrodes in diameters of 2.5 mm. You will have all advantages and guarantees offered by CE certi?cate and regulations regarding LVD and EMC speci?ed in EN 60974-1 and EN 60974-10 standards..
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Bosch Circular Saw GKS 190

THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL IN THE ENTRY LEVEL CLASS With 1400 watts, it has the highest motor power in its class for fast sawing progress in soft and hard wood Highest cutting depth (70 mm) and bevel capability (56°) in its class for flexibility in any work situation Compact tool design for best handling Turbo blower for dust-free view of the cutting line Optimised wood chip deflector for better view of the work surface Robust closed aluminium die-cast pendulum guard
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Dewalt Jig Saw DW 349, Jig saw machine

DW349 Jig Saw machine Compact, ergonomic, design gives user comfort and versatility in use 500 Watt motor gives performance and durability Keyed blade change for durability FEATURES Compact, ergonomic, design gives user comfort and versatility in use 500 Watt motor gives performance and durability Keyed blade change for durability 3 pendulum action gives increased cutting performance and longer saw blade life Shoe bevels 45° to both left and right with presets at 0° and 45° for precise bevelled cuts Low profile dust extraction shield with bi-directional vacuum spout for clean, efficient cutting performance STANDARD Blade Allen key Protective Gaurd
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Esab Welding Machine 400 Amps Gladiator 400A

Esab Welding Machine 400 Amps Gladiator 400A We have in stock Essab Gladiator welding machine 400 amps, Gladiator 400 introduced, ESAB introduced this compact and light weight design Gladiator 400A Diesel Welding Generator suitable for easy transportation and improved remote places. This boasts 40% lower volume and 20% lower weight than conventional EDW increases mobility. The Gladiator 400 has a chopper base design using IGBT Benefits of the Esab welding machine 400 Amps, The Gladiator 400 has a chopper base design using IGBT and delivers smooth and high quality welding output with almost nil spatter. It offers a wide current range with starting current of 20 A to ensure finer control and better performance while welding root passes. A wide current range and powerful welding performance make this a versatile equipment suitable for a variety MMA electrodes: general purpose; low-hydrogen; stainless steel; cellulosic. The gladiator 400 has a controlled welding dynamics and offers excellent weld properties for all types of MMA welding applications
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