Fire Alarm System

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GENT Addressable Manual Call Point

Manual call points for the Vigilon and Nano system are easy to install and may be mounted on standard installation back boxes or bespoke red back boxes for surface mounting. Every manual call point is continuously monitored ensuring a trigger is responded to in less than three seconds system wide.
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GENT Addressable Optical Heat Detector

Each sensor element has sensitivity settings which can be adjusted to suit the environment / application and can be programmed for different time periods during the day or night Repeat fire LED output as standard (if monitored input not used) Operational LED blink ‘On/Off’ option Monitored Input – which can be Fire, Fault or Supervisory
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Context Plus Addressable Optical Smoke Detector DIL STYLE: Apollo XP95

Type: Overheating/thermal combustion Response: Very good Type: Smouldering/glowing combustion Response: Good Type: Flaming combustion Response: Good Type: Flaming with high heat output Response: Good Type: Flaming – clean burning Response: Very poor
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GENT Addressable Sounder/Red Body

Each loop can support up to 200 voice sounders, 100 visual alarm devices (VADs) and up to 70 combined sounder VADs EN54-23 VADs with adjustable light coverage matching the sounder output Comprehensive and easy to use design and commissioning tools Four voice phrases and a bell tone available as standard Voice and tone modes can be freely configured within the same sounder Active background monitoring of sounder and VAD circuits Adjust the sounder volume via the commissioning tool, the panel or the HandiLink infrared remote control
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GENT Addressable Compact Plus 1-2 Loop Panel

Vigilon Plus Control Panels are available in 3 sizes managing 2, 4 or 6 loops each accommodating up to 200 devices including advanced fire sensors, interfaces, call points, alarm sounders and visual alarms. The Compact Plus 2 loop panels and Vigilon Plus 4 loop panels are available with integrated 24 hour standby and the 6-loop panel has full 72 hr standby capacity.
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