Dental Endoscope System AC-192 ARI

Our Dental Endoscope System AC-192 ARI allows the clinician to visualize structures, aberrations, and other oral anatomic abnormalities.
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1. New model of 1/4 COMS high resolution intra or camera connect 17inch LCD screen.
2. 17inch LCD can freely adjust contrast, lightness and color.
3. With high resolution, high performance and auto-focus.
4. Built in 6pcs high brightness long-lift white LED.
5. The front three control button: Freeze, Save, Previous imager Next, image delete. And
the reverse side control buttons: Freeze and Save.
6. Using the latest technology that can save 128pcs images through the U-disk, the images
could be permanently stored.
7. Full, quad images can compare in different angles, display the clear images.
8. Multimedia input: Video, USB, VGA and HDIMI.
9. Multimedia features make the display superior performance, can be directly connected to
the MP3, U-disk and other electronic equipment, Play movie, music and files in JPG format.
10. Support: Chinese, English, Spanish, Deutsch, Portuguese, Arabic, etc.