Chemical sprayer Knapsack Sprayer 3wf-3A

Chemical sprayer Knapsack Sprayer 3wf-3A chemical sprayers for both agricaultural DIY or medical purposes
SKU: RD1012
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Features Chemical sprayer Knapsack Sprayer 3wf-3A:

  • Knapsack Power Sprayer
  • Spraying pressure: 15 to 25kg/sq-cm
  • Tank capacity: 25L
  • Discharging volumeĀ  25.6cc
  • Fuel style: lubricating oil+ gasoline
  • Lubricating oil style: special for two stroke engines or motocylces
  • Mixed fuel ratio: 25:1
  • Carburetor style: Diaphragm
  • Igniting Mode: electronic ignition.
  • Spark plug: ngk bm6a
  • Methid of starting: recoil starting
  • Stop mode: button
  • Lubrication mode: Mixed fuel + lubrication oil mode.
  • Type:Power
    Power Source:Gasoline
    Main Material:Plastic
    Sprinkler Installation Type: