Battery 18v x 5Ah BL1850B

BL1850B Battery 1 x 18v x 5Ah Li-ion Battery with Charge Level Indicator 197282-4
SKU: RD0002
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Makita BL1850B Battery 18v x 5Ah LXT Lithium Battery offers the trade superb full re-charge time around 45 minutes and very useful Battery Level Indicator allowing the trade to utilise the full charge from every charge. Features include built-in memory chip communicating the usage history of the battery with the 18v charger, high energy cells give more power per cell reducing the number of cells and weight required to produce the power band. A large easy use release button allows quick mounting and dismounting from the tool, air vents cool the battery cells evenly assist temperature control increasing overall battery life. BL1850B batteries give longer run times and extended battery life with minimal depletion of power during use or storage over it's lifetime.

EAN: 0088381459136


  • 1 x 18v x 5Ah slide fit lithium battery
  • 45 minute total charge time
  • Charge level indicator
  • 16 contact terminals for firm hold and consistent power transfer
  • Built-in memory chip
  • Longer run time and overall battery life
  • Large release button
  • High energy cells
  • Built in air vents
  • Same weight as 3Ah li-ion batteries
  • Works from standard Makita lithium chargers
  • Lightweight and shock-absorbing
  • 5Ah batteries are compatible with 18v x 3Ah, 4Ah and 6Ah lithium batteries