6Way Three Phase Eaton-MEM (TPN) Distribution Board c/w MCB

Brand: Eaton Product Code: 6Way Three Phase Eaton-MEM (TPN) Distribution Board c/w MCB Availability: In Stock
SKU: RD00227
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Affordable circuit protection you can depend on. With a high-quality, user-friendly design, provide peace of mind with quality and reliability, guaranteed compliance to product standards to provide reliability you can count on.

Three Phase(TPN) 4, 6, 8 & 12Ways
MCB Protected Socket: Single Pole, Two Pole, Three Pole, Four Pole, SPN, TPN 10Amp, 15Amp, 20Amp, 32Amp, 40Amp, 50Amp, 63Amp, 80Amp, 100Amp,125Amp,200Amp etc

Compact DBs which occupy minimum space
Raised neutral link for easy wiring
Suitable for surface & fush mounting
Detachable din bar with end stoppers for easy assembly of breakers
Supplied with fully shielded bus-bars
Level marks for providing indication for fitment in wall
Supplied with neutral & earth link, top & bottom detachable plates
Supplied with masking sheet to protect components from cement during plastering