20mm Dignity Conduit Pipes|Per Bundle

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Dignity PVC Electrical Pipe Nigeria
Easy Installation: light weight, easy to cut, bent and handle; suitable to be buried in concrete,a longer performance life.

Outside diameter 20mm
Thickness 1.3mm
Colors:white,blue,grey etc  
With or without socket end
Pack: 25pcs/ bundle

Fittings:elbow,coupling,tee,female adapter
Use for protecting cable and wire
PVC conduit pipe excellent chemical resistance:
PVC pipe has excellent acid, alkali, corrosion resistance.
PVC conduit pipe fluid resistance:
Smooth wall PVC pipe, the resistance of the fluid.
PVC conduit pipe mechanical strength:
PVC pipe pressure resistance strength, resistance to external pressure strength, impact resistance, strength very good conditions for all kinds of piping works.
PVC conduit pipe for electrical insulation:
PVC pipe full of excellent electrical insulation for wire and cable conduits, wires and pipes of buildings.

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